10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood


You see that smile? It' tells you I'm doing something right as a Mama. Click to see 10 ways I'm rocking motherhood.Hey Mamas! We all know Motherhood is the toughest hood to walk through. I can’t imagine it’s all peachy keen all the time for anyone. Instead of focusing on how I’m a bad not so good Mama, today I’m gonna give you 10 ways I’m rocking motherhood!

  1. Camille is loved and she knows it. You see the smile in the pic above right?
  2. Feeding her a balanced diet. This is in no way meant to Mama shame. I make effort to limit processed and sugary foods for Camille. I’m big on reading labels and limiting certain ingredients in the foods we eat and I’m more strict with Camille’s diet. I’ve experienced diet changing my health and it was hard to break old habits, I don’t want that for her. I want Camille to have good eating habits from the start.
  3.  Spending quality time with her. When I sit on the floor to play and or read her entire life lights up! (again, the smile in the pic above) Parenting comes with a long job description like personal chef, chauffeur, personal groomer, housekeeper and so on. Getting caught up in all the hustle and bustle of your additional duties can sometime cause quality time to get pushed to the side. I make an effort to spend time with Camille each day playing peek-a-boo, reading or talking on toy phones and remotes. Whatever has her attention at the moment, I join in. She gets tickled pink and says thanks me with a wet kiss to the cheek.
  4. I discipline her. She doesn’t like it but it’s for the best. She needs to learn how to follow directions and that Mama and Dada know what’s best for her. Disclaimer – Camille’s discipline includes a semi-stern tone of voice, and pop to the hands (if touching something she shouldn’t be) and taking a toy, and it doesn’t last long. 
  5. I’m patient with her, or at least I try my best. My patience runs thin very quickly and Camille tries me most days hours. I usually take a deep breath and try again. I’m happy to report I’ve only had one meltdown moment since toddle tantrums kicked in.
  6. I change those diapers! Go back to #2. That healthy well balanced diet consists of mostly veggies, fruits and legumes. You get my drift? Trust me, it’s worth hiring a professional diaper changer.
  7. We read 1-3 books every night before bed. This is something I fell off with for a while and I’m really glad to be back on track. Camille looks forward to her bedtime stories and I think she has them memorized too. Each night on the next to last page of the Sesame Street book she grabs her cup for the last sips of milk before going to bed.
  8. I’m going away for 2 weeks (1 week, 2 times) without her. I know, how is that rocking Motherhood? It’s for work and if I don’t go I won’t advance. If I don’t advance my paycheck won’t advance. If my paycheck doesn’t advance we’re in trouble!
  9. All those additional job descriptions in #3, I do those too! I know? Am I some kind of Super Mama? I wish! I said I do them, didn’t say I do them well or with ease. 
  10. She’s alive! To date I’ve kept her alive 1 year, 4 month and 12 days. Which means if nothing else she’s eating and drinking water.
  11. Bonus! I watch Dance with Barney over and over and over again. Add to that countless episodes of Sesame Street (my fave), Super Why and Blue’s Clues. Every parent deserve a metal for this!

That was harder than it should have been! I know I’m a good Mama, we all are and we need to celebrate the good more often! I could have easily come up with 10 ways I suck at being a Mama but that’s not to be celebrated today. From here on out all Mamas should praise themselves each day! I challenge you ( and me too!) to give yourself a pat on the back everyday for rocking Motherhood! 



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We all suffer from Mom Guilt at some point. Today let's banish that and celebrate the ways we are ROCKING Motherhood!

February 2, 2017
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