5 New Ways To Use A Formula Dispenser


We're finally past the formula stage and I figured out 5 new ways to use my formula dispenser.

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Camille began drinking formula at 5.5 months. She had been exclusively breastfed until then (minus 2 days when she was born) and I had thee hardest time figuring out how to store and transport formula. Not only store for transport but making bottles on the go with little to no mess. I tried milk storage bags and small Tupperware containers. Then I thought I would just put the formula in bottles before leaving home but then how would I know how much water to add? I was lightweight stressing.

I was strolling through Target one day and saw the Munchkin Formula Dispenser. Blew. My. Mind! Why was I unaware the product existed? Duh, because it just hit the market right? Nope, Elle was like “girl I had one of those too” (her daughter Rai was 3 at the time) so obviously this was not a new thing.

I was so excited I bought two! Now Camille is off formula (thank goodness!). Shout out to Honest Company for holding us down though. What do I do with these dispensers? The cheap mama in me says hold on to them. Why I’m not sure but ok. The recovering hoarder in me says let them go. The product reviewer in me says toss them because at the rate baby products are changing something better/more efficient/more modern will be out when baby #2 rolls around.

I gave in to the cheap mama in me and found 5 ways to use them so I’m not technically hoarding or wasting money. Here goes.

  1. Powered formula, duh! Trust me, it makes all the difference when you’re in the car, at the mall or wearing a dark color.
  2. Snacks. Camille is a sucker for some Cheerios and the formula dispenser will keep them fresh while on the go. The dispenser has three sections so I could actually put different snacks in one container without them touching. I hear toddlers don’t like their foods to touch.
  3. Herbs/Spices. This is cool if you pack a lunch or for your spice cabinet.
  4. Craft accessories. Think glitter. Little girls LOVE glitter. Or even beads.
  5. Thumb tacks. Cool to keep in an office drawer and I swear the packaging for thumbtacks is never easy to open/close or stays closed as it should.
  6. Safety pins. Another sharp object that little ones shouldn’t play with.

I think I’ll keep one for snacks and the other for spices. I currently work outside the home and sometimes I need to doctor up this cafeteria food. I’ll probably keep cajun seasoning, garlic powder and oregano in mine.

Do you have any ideas for the formula dispenser? If so please let me know.

The Munchkin Formula Dispenser can be found at Amazon and Target.

Thanks so much for reading! Please feel free to comment and share.

Until next time…LionessDae.com

October 1, 2016
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