7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Baby & Kid Products


Are you about to go shopping for the kids? Ask yourself these 7 questions first and save some coins! | TheMamaDen.com

Purchasing stuff for your kids can be addictive. Especially babies. Before you know it you have 47 onesies, 56 blankets, 4 mobiles, and more wall decals than you have walls. I’m not that bad but I could be if I didn’t check myself and my account at the register/check out screen. I can’t lie though, I was getting a little out of hand when I was pregnant and on bed rest. I had nothing else to do so I blogged and shopped all day long. Check out these 7 questions to ask yourself before purchasing and save yourself come coins and disagreements with Hubby.

  1. Are those dishes microwaveable? – This hit me like a ton of bricks in Wal-Mart one day. I was about to purchase some cute little plates made from recycled milk jugs and just so happened to read the fine print. No Ma’am! I don’t like to microwave Camille’s food but the way our late nights are set up…it happens.
  2. Will my kid be able to use this more than a few months? Will this grow with my kid? – let’s face it, the stuff people are creating these days is just so damn cute! But is my kid gonna be able to wear this or play with this in a few months? Maybe, maybe not.
  3. This is costly, can I resell when we’re done or hand down to a younger kid? – Once again, don’t get caught up in cute. Cute gets real pricey sometimes and if I cannot see a return on this cute investment I just might be pissed in a few months. When I purchase more expensive items I like to hand down to someone I know ill use and take of it, consign, sell on eBay or hold to it for a future sibling.
  4. Is my kid still gonna love this character in 3-6 months? – I despise character clothing! I’ve seen some done well but others…nah man. Think back to your childhood and how long you were in love with Winnie The Pooh or Tweety Bird. You may still be in love and that’s cool but think of all the money your parents wasted when you were on to the next in 6 months. Camille ain’t bout to get me caught up. Don’t get me wrong, I will purchase character items, just not all of them and I have to like it a little too.
  5. Yes it’s inexpensive, but is it also cheap? – Don’t get caught up in inexpensive stuff with poor quality. My cousin and Aunt talk this talk all the time. My cousin raised an eyebrow when I purchased some of Camille’s summer clothes from Wal-Mart but I have to say each and every item has held up all summer with daily play and weekly laundering. Had I noticed some loose threads, rips, tears or shrinkage I would scratch them off my list for next season.
  6. Is this color palate neutral? Does it match our decor? Am I gonna get tired of looking at it? – I was looking for a kitchen set for Camille and (no shade) the plastic ones just don’t go with the vision I have for our living room/playroom. I really wanted a classic wooden one and luckily my friend Sara found it at Sam’s Club.
  7. Can I afford this? – Plain and simple. If’s it’s not in the budget and not a necessity, leave it right there on the rack/shelf. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be there when you get back.

Let me know some money saving tactics you use when shopping. It’s one of my favorite pastimes but I still love a good deal!


October 7, 2017
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