7 Questions for the new Pediatrician


7 questions for the new Pediatrician | LionessDae.com

As a first time Mama I’ve been searching for a Pediatrician. I work for a major medical system and I thought this would be easy…not! The doc I had in mind I’ve worked with before and I thought was a good candidate. I spoke to a friend that works in that office and she suggested someone totally different that I haven’t a clue about! Ugh!  

Then came the issue of location. The center I work for has several campuses all around the state. Just so happened B was not at all sold on the campus where the suggested doc is located, honestly I was too sold myself. Luckily the medical system recently acquired a new location about 15 minutes from our house. Problem: I don’t know any of the docs or staff on that campus to get an honest review. So now I’m winging it. 

After doing some online research and narrowing down to two providers, here are 7 questions for the new Pediatrician.

  1. Office hours – I need convenience here people. If we have a scheduled appointment I may need it to work around my work schedule so I don’t have to take an entire day off.
  2. Emergency calls – If baby has a fever in the middle of the night and I need some advice, can I call you or one of your colleagues? How soon will someone get back to me?
  3. Emergency visits – Ok, so now you want me to bring baby in, will I have to wait three days? I sure hope not! I would like to get in within the next 12 business hours.
  4. Waiting area – Are there separate waiting areas for sick visits vs. well visits? Not that it’s mandatory but it would be nice.
  5. Immunization schedule – Does your office follow the state schedule? I would hope so but over the course of my career in healthcare I’ve seen some…things. And yes, I am one of those people that believe over vaccination can lead to Autism…my opinion, not yours.
  6. When I schedule a visit who will we see? – Will it be you alone? You and a resident? You a resident and a student? A resident? A resident and a student? I’m telling you, the options are endless! Personally, I would like to see the MD for all pre-scheduled visits and I’m willing to see another MD or resident for sick visits. 
  7. Will you honor our wishes as parents to use natural medicine before modern medicine? – I wholeheartedly believe in natural medicine, it’s the reason I’m pregnant. But, I’ve seen plenty providers over the past few years that totally dismiss my thoughts and wishes. Seeing as how I’ve seen natural medicine work in myself and others (I cured B of a cold in about 12 hours with stuff I already had in my kitchen) Of course I plan to use it for my child too. 

I’m not saying these are the only questions you should ask but these are definitely important…to me. If you have any to add please let me know in the comments.

Oh, one more thing! I made this into a handy dandy printable so you can keep track as you look for a new Pediatrician.


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August 12, 2015
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