7 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Motherhood


7 Things I'm Looking Forward to in Motherhood | LionessDae.com

Before we begin I want to wish the most amazing, soon to be daddy, best friend, accountability partner, partner in crime, most handsomest, hard working, supportive, loving man a very Happy Birthday! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have this blog post to write today. We love you! Happy Birthday B!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming about motherhood and such.

  1. More than anything I cannot wait to meet this precious little one! Pregnancy has been going by so fast but it still feels like I’ve been waiting since forever to meet her.
  2. To learn her personality. From the 3D ultrasound we already know she looks just like her daddy and I have a feeling she’ll act just like me. If so I’m in for a very sarcastic, know-it-all, “my way or the highway” little girl with a mouth that has no filter. 
  3.  Candid moments. 
  4. LOTS of photos!
  5. Family bonding. I’m planning not to tell the family when I’m in labor. I want us to have our time as our own little family before everyone comes to meet her. I want to see her interact with B and I. Will she still go crazy at the sound of his voice? 
  6. Watching her grow and learn. She already responds when I read, whether I’m reading directly to her or just reading aloud. I want to see her interact with books, toys and people.
  7. Discovering her feet. I know it sounds crazy but babies are so freaking cute and amazed when they find their feet. It’s like a whole new world to them. Like “OMG! These are mine too! Jackpot!”

There’s plenty more I’m looking forward to being a new Mama. What did you look forward to the most? What did you not expect that surprised you? Let me know below in the comments.



August 5, 2015
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