My Adventures On Bed Rest While Pregnant | Vol. 2



My Adventures on Bed Rest While Pregnant | Vol. 2

I have just completed another week on bed rest while pregnant and trust me, it ain’t the easiest thing to do. This week was rather exciting though. I got to leave the porch not once but twice this week! If you’ve ever been on bed rest especially while pregnant you know this is a BIG deal!

How did I get so lucky you ask? Well, last Wednesday right before my weekly appointment I tripped over the cord to the charger and my phone hit the floor, baby, and I are fine by the way. The screen didn’t crack, but I could only see the left side. Lucky for me I ordered a new phone the day before. When my new phone arrived it needed a different size SIM card. At first I was annoyed, then I realized that meant a trip to the phone store! YES! YES! YES! I was so freakin’ excited! I waited anxiously for what seemed like all day Sunday for B to get himself together so we could leave. Finally I stepped off the porch, down the walkway and to the car. Ahhhh, it seemed like the air was different on the other end of the block. I felt like a puppy while riding in the car, I almost wanted to stick my head out of the window. After the phone store B stopped to get some fries (the pregnant me cannot live without them) and a few things from the market. I just sat patiently in the car enjoying the change of scenery. I must admit after we got home I was all tuckered out. That was a big day compared to what life has been lately.

Today was day two out of the house. This was just my weekly appointment. I am happy to report baby and I are still doing great and I’ll be pregnant for 15-19 more weeks. The tech was so confident when she told B everything looked great that we even stopped for brunch when we left the hospital. We’d been hearing about a small restaurant┬áin the area for quite some time but they close early and we’re usually at work. The food was pretty good, but the place was definitely a “greasy spoon”. I felt like I needed a prescription for Crestor after that meal.

Now I’m back home on my couch. I have to admit bed rest isn’t all bad and it’s not as boring as most people think. Or maybe I’m just making lemonade from my bag of lemons. My plans for the upcoming week include a mental redesign of my home (I completed the living room a little while ago, it’s gonna be amazing), working on a project I’ve had in mind for about six months and more online shopping.

Well, that just about sums up this past weeks bed rest adventures. Any suggestions on how to make or better or more interesting for me? If you have ever been on bed rest while pregnant how did you deal?

May 6, 2015
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