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Hello MAMAS!



Wow, it is such a blessing to have to the opportunity to connect with you all. My name Elle and my mini muse is Sarai Grace! We both are Baltimore natives and are Thespians who are strong activist for our community. Sarai Grace is three years old and is a vegetarian by choice. She may call herself a Princess but just recently discovered the fun in sports so watch out! I always dreamed of having a ton of kids but sometimes life just doesn’t plan out like you actually vision it.  I married my best friend in the heated summer of 2009 and completed my undergrad studies. I figured since I did things the “right” way why not start a family now. Of course, two years of trying flew by and I decided to chat with my gynecologist about conceiving. I never thought that after mentioning this topic it would lead my husband and I both into a fertility center. All of my dreams came to a halt because I always pictured announcing my pregnancy as it is on a commercial or movie. In grade school, you never here about IVF or anything to the subject matter. I expressed to my family that I needed treatment and I decided to pray about it. Yes, it was hurtful to be told as woman who you can not conceive naturally but I knew that it was in my destiny to be a mother and I was going to get there someday. Test after test, shot after shot, pill after pill…need I say more? We were extremely blessed once we found out we conceived after just one IVF cycle!

Fast forward.. a year later in September of 2012, I welcomed my love Sarai “Princess of God’s Grace”! Geeezz…I am tearing up as I write this but I would love to connect with Mama’s who need support and or resources about fertility. Don’t be ashamed and never feel alone. It is a process where we all need each other! It is nothing like connecting with someone who has been through the same journey as you. Please don’t give up…your angel is on its way!


I look forward to sharing great things with you Mamas!


-Elle Tenille

June 13, 2016