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Great read for all women by Lisa Pennington! Learn what balance is (and isn't) and how to find and maintain in real life situations. Read my review at

Hey Mamas! I’m back with another book review. To my surprise much sooner than I imagined. Apparently, the literary Gods have smiled upon me and granted my wish for reading time. This week I’m gonna give you the scoop on Tightropes & Teeter-Totters by Lisa Pennington.

First a little more about the author. Lisa Pennington is a blogger at and author of Mama Needs a Do-Over. She’s a wife and Mama to nine kids. Lisa also has a hobby farm and an essential oils business. Now, onto the book.

This was an easy and eye-opening read. Lisa talks about finding balance, what it is (and isn’t) and gives real life examples on how to do so. I felt like I was having a cup of tea and chatting with a friend while reading this book.

Lisa breaks balance down into and acronym:

  • Begin
  • Access
  • Learn
  • Account
  • Notify
  • Change
  • Endure

She takes those seven steps and applies them to the following areas of life:

  • Me, Myself & I
  • Being Married
  • Motherhood
  • Home Sweet Home (this chapter literally made me get up and move some things around!)
  • Getting Out of the House
  • The Blessing of Friends
  • Money Matters
  • Taming the Tongue
  • Moods

Each chapter also has an assignment at the end to help you absorb and apply the info you just read.

I like that the book has real life examples but isn’t a memoir. It’s not your average “I did it this way” kind of read. I think it’s a great read for women from all walks of life as we all struggle to find balance in all the many things we have our hands in.

Verdict: Grab this book for yourself and a friend. This would also make a good book club or women’s group read.

You can find Tightropes & Teeter-Totters at:

Amazon | Target | Barnes & Noble



P.S. I received this book for free in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

P.P.S. Some of those retailer links are affiliate links. If you purchase after clicking I’ll earn a small commission.


March 15, 2017
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