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Book Alert | Tightropes & Teeter-Totters


Great read for all women by Lisa Pennington! Learn what balance is (and isn't) and how to find and maintain in real life situations. Read my review at

Hey Mamas! I’m back with another book review. To my surprise much sooner than I imagined. Apparently, the literary Gods have smiled upon me and granted my wish for reading time. This week I’m gonna give you the scoop on Tightropes & Teeter-Totters by Lisa Pennington.

First a little more about the author. Lisa Pennington is a blogger at Read more…

March 15, 2017

Book Alert | Making Marriage Beautiful


Making Marriage Beautiful by Dorothy Littell Greco was an awesome read to enhance any relationship!

This book is good! I was highlighting and flagging pages in the first chapter. My bad, where are my manners? {clears throat} Hey Mamas! Today I want to tell you all about my latest read, Making Marriage Beautiful by Dorothy Littell Greco. Dorothy and her husband Christopher have been married for 20 years. She openly states in the intro she’s no marriage expert and does not have a perfect marriage. I love that she laid it on the table. Her open honesty makes me trust her writing and experiences more.  Read more…

February 21, 2017

Book Alert | (un)Natural Mom


(un)Natural Mom is a good real. It bring reality to mom life and gives a glimpse of hope that you're doing this mom thing right! |

Like most moms we fall short from time to time. None of us are perfect. In addition to falling short we all have different parenting styles which can appear as if we are doing this mom thing all wrong. I’ve learned that it’s all opinion and perception.

(un)Natural Mom by Hettie Brittz goes into details of how she fell short on some things and how other moms perceived her parenting style as “wrong” because it wasn’t the same style of parenting they had. I must admit, I’m guilty of this too. I’m not proud of it but we live in a very judgmental society and judgement happens. Trust me, this also doesn’t mean I’m a perfect mom but at the end of the day my kid feels loved, safe an nurtured so I know I’m doing something right.

Brittz defines an (un)Natural mom as “any mom who finds some everyday aspect of motherhood so challenging that she experiences shame, fear or even despair.” [raises hand] been there! Most recently with sleep training. My daughter was one year and one week old before I got serious about sleep training and her sleeping in her crib. People made me feel like I was so wrong because she slept in the bed with us so long. I was ashamed sometimes to tell people she was sleeping with us at 12 months. Honestly, the shame is not what drove me to sleep train, the lack of sleep we were getting was the driving force. Now that she sleeps alone I’m catching slack because the crib is in our room. #iCantWin

Brittz defines a (super)Natural mom as “not perfect; she is perfectly content with making the best of the aspects of motherhood that God has gifted her with.” This is me! I’m doing the best I can and making the best of the hand I was dealt.

Over all this was a good book. It was real! A mom sharing her journey, literally the highs and lows. It was eye opening and humbling. A recommended read for all moms!

October 24, 2016

Author Spotlight: Thea Fielding-Lowe


Author Spotlight: Thea Fielding Lowe |

A few months ago Elle and I took the girls to the 4th Annual African American Book Fair at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum here in Baltimore. {Side note: I wrote a post about it and it never made it’s way to the blog}. While there we met so many African American authors and illustrators, it was amazing! We met a lovely author by the name of Thea who authored two children’s books: “Hey Auntie, What Color Is God?” and “The Birthday Story”. She had such a sweet spirit and I mentioned I would write about her on the blog. Well guess what? She reached out to me and I had a chance to interview her last week. You can thank me later.

Author Spotlight | Thea Fielding-Lowe

Dae: I remember when we met you told me the muse behind “Hey Auntie, What Color Is God?” was your then 4 year old niece Ysa. Who was the muse behind “The Birthday Story”?

Thea: “The Birthday Story” was originally written for my Pastor’s Anniversary. I was asked to write a story about him so I prayed and fasted. At 5am the day of the celebration the words began to flow. After presenting at the ceremony my pastor said he thought I had another book. I made some edits, a coworker offered to do the illustrations and viola!


Dae: Did Ysa know you were writing a book or did you surprise her?

Thea: No, I didn’t know I writing a book either. I didn’t write the book until 5 years later. The conversation when Ysa asked what color is God stayed with me and one day the Holy Spirit led me to write it down. My Pastor’s wife wanted to get more into her creative side so I asked her if she wanted to be the illustrator and there you have it.


Dae: Does Ysa have any plans to follow in your footsteps and become an author as well?

Thea: Not now. She recently graduated high school and is planning to become a nurse.


Dae: What was the writing process like for you? Fast and easy or did you face some difficulty or writer’s bock?

Thea: Pretty easy. I wrote down the conversation with Ysa and went from there. The hardest part was illustrating Jesus. I didn’t want his face to be a specific color so all the illustrations of Jesus are from the shoulders down.


Dae: Did you ever dream of becoming author? If so, was children’s literature the genre of choice?

Thea: Never thought so! Reading and English were a struggle early on, I saw a reading specialist. In 7th grade my love for reading and books increased.


Dae: How has being an author changed your life?

Thea: Being an author makes me feel like I can do anything! It has been a confidence builder and allowed me to see God is using my weaknesses for his glory.


Dae: What was the feeling when your first book was picked up by the publishing company?

Thea: I got the call while on vacation at my Mom’s house. I missed the call! When I listened to the voicemail I screamed and ran through the house. I was overjoyed! All my siblings were there which made it even better. I hope this inspires them to use their talents to follow their dreams.


Dae: How did you find illustrators?

Thea: For “Hey Auntie, What Color Is God?” the first lady of my church wanted to be more creative. I offered and she accepted. For “The Birthday Story” a coworker offered. God laid it all out for me.


Dae: It’s obvious you love children, are you involved in any community or faith based your programs?

Thea: Yes, my day job is Education Program Manager.


Dae: Tell us one thing that’s not in your bio.

Thea: Hmmm…I love TV and movies. I would love to produce a women’s talk show! I’m actually finishing up the pilot. It may be web based in the beginning but we’re hoping for a network to pick it up.


Thank you so much Thea for the opportunity to pick your brain a bit! I wish you ALL the best in your future endeavors! I’m also on the lookout for your talk show!

Thea’s books can be found on Amazon and her website and for a limited time you can receive 15% off your purchase by using the code LIONESS at checkout. My Siamese Twin

July 5, 2016

They Say Reading is Fundamental



Reading is Fundamental!

For years I’ve wanted to be one of those parents who reads to my child from the beginning and ensures reading is an integral part of their lives. When I found out I was pregnant I decided to start my child’s library so there would be no excuses. I received an email one day from offering a great price on Dr. Seuss books. It was too good to pass up! My fingers quickly clicked the link and within a matter of minutes my order was complete!

…as a parent, you have the power to boost your children’s learning potential simply by making books an integral part of their lives.

Read more…

May 26, 2015