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Hey Mamas! This is new territory for me. I’ve always loved reading & watching monthly favorites posts so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Not to mention I always like to share products, services and habits that are working for us. So here goes… Read more…

March 1, 2017

Kids Health with MegaFood


Are you looking for natural vitamins for your kids? I've found the perfect one! Check out MegaFood supplement powders for kids. Made from scratch with farm fresh foods these powders are a great way to boost your kids health.


I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

To know me personally is to know I’m all about health…90% of the time. B and I attempt a healthy diet and squeeze in supplements, vitamins and probiotics when we remember. Now that we had a child we have to think about her health as well. Up until now (she recently turned 1) I wasn’t to concerned because she was getting her nutrients through my breast milk. She’s still nursing but I know those days are numbered.

I received some Kid Nutrient Booster Powders from MegaFood via Moms Meet. The Kids Daily Multi has 23 essential vitamins per serving. The Kids Daily Immune promotes and helps strengthen a healthy immune system year round. The Kids Daily B-Centered provides daily support for mental focus, cognitive function and a sense of calmness. These supplements are award winning and made from scratch with farm fresh whole foods. The label says ages 5 and up so I gave (and will continue to give) Camille a fraction of the serving. I mixed the powders with water and we tasted each one.

MegaFood Kids Daily Multi – Orange in color with a mild taste. An adult could easily drink this. Camille gave me a puzzled face but accepted a second and third tasting. I suggest mixing this powder with juice or in a fruity smoothie.

MegaFood Kids Daily B-Centered – Green in color with a stronger taste. For a kid I would definitely mix with banana to mask the flavor. Camille took two tastings but declined a third.

MegaFood Kids Daily Immune – Red in color with a mild flavor, reminded me of watered down fruit punch. Camille approved. This powder would go well with any juice.

MegaFood Kids daily supplements receive my Mama stamp of approval. The benefits and ease of use are a double win!

I checked the store locator on the MegaFood website for my area (Baltimore, MD) and found the products are sold in Whole Foods,Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, in addition to other health food stores. While you’re there be sure to check out the supplement for adults as well.

If you’ve tried any of the MegaFood line let me how much you them below.

Until next time…


MegaFood can be found around the social scene on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter.



October 9, 2016

Author Spotlight: Thea Fielding-Lowe


Author Spotlight: Thea Fielding Lowe |

A few months ago Elle and I took the girls to the 4th Annual African American Book Fair at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum here in Baltimore. {Side note: I wrote a post about it and it never made it’s way to the blog}. While there we met so many African American authors and illustrators, it was amazing! We met a lovely author by the name of Thea who authored two children’s books: “Hey Auntie, What Color Is God?” and “The Birthday Story”. She had such a sweet spirit and I mentioned I would write about her on the blog. Well guess what? She reached out to me and I had a chance to interview her last week. You can thank me later.

Author Spotlight | Thea Fielding-Lowe

Dae: I remember when we met you told me the muse behind “Hey Auntie, What Color Is God?” was your then 4 year old niece Ysa. Who was the muse behind “The Birthday Story”?

Thea: “The Birthday Story” was originally written for my Pastor’s Anniversary. I was asked to write a story about him so I prayed and fasted. At 5am the day of the celebration the words began to flow. After presenting at the ceremony my pastor said he thought I had another book. I made some edits, a coworker offered to do the illustrations and viola!


Dae: Did Ysa know you were writing a book or did you surprise her?

Thea: No, I didn’t know I writing a book either. I didn’t write the book until 5 years later. The conversation when Ysa asked what color is God stayed with me and one day the Holy Spirit led me to write it down. My Pastor’s wife wanted to get more into her creative side so I asked her if she wanted to be the illustrator and there you have it.


Dae: Does Ysa have any plans to follow in your footsteps and become an author as well?

Thea: Not now. She recently graduated high school and is planning to become a nurse.


Dae: What was the writing process like for you? Fast and easy or did you face some difficulty or writer’s bock?

Thea: Pretty easy. I wrote down the conversation with Ysa and went from there. The hardest part was illustrating Jesus. I didn’t want his face to be a specific color so all the illustrations of Jesus are from the shoulders down.


Dae: Did you ever dream of becoming author? If so, was children’s literature the genre of choice?

Thea: Never thought so! Reading and English were a struggle early on, I saw a reading specialist. In 7th grade my love for reading and books increased.


Dae: How has being an author changed your life?

Thea: Being an author makes me feel like I can do anything! It has been a confidence builder and allowed me to see God is using my weaknesses for his glory.


Dae: What was the feeling when your first book was picked up by the publishing company?

Thea: I got the call while on vacation at my Mom’s house. I missed the call! When I listened to the voicemail I screamed and ran through the house. I was overjoyed! All my siblings were there which made it even better. I hope this inspires them to use their talents to follow their dreams.


Dae: How did you find illustrators?

Thea: For “Hey Auntie, What Color Is God?” the first lady of my church wanted to be more creative. I offered and she accepted. For “The Birthday Story” a coworker offered. God laid it all out for me.


Dae: It’s obvious you love children, are you involved in any community or faith based your programs?

Thea: Yes, my day job is Education Program Manager.


Dae: Tell us one thing that’s not in your bio.

Thea: Hmmm…I love TV and movies. I would love to produce a women’s talk show! I’m actually finishing up the pilot. It may be web based in the beginning but we’re hoping for a network to pick it up.


Thank you so much Thea for the opportunity to pick your brain a bit! I wish you ALL the best in your future endeavors! I’m also on the lookout for your talk show!

Thea’s books can be found on Amazon and her website and for a limited time you can receive 15% off your purchase by using the code LIONESS at checkout. My Siamese Twin

July 5, 2016

Mama Tip | Saving Money with Groupon Coupons

Money Saving Mama Tip
**Housekeeping: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
The weather is getting nicer and baby girl enjoys being outside. Of course we must look our best (at least she must) while out and about in these streets. Then add in the cost of these outings and my purse is getting a bit lighter. Like any other shopper and Mama I love a good deal, clearance and coupons. Enter Groupon Coupons
We all know and love Groupon for a deal and now they have coupons to add to the savings. Stores like Nordstrom and Carter’s (our faves!) for the outfits and JoAnn’s for the days we stay in and get creative or organize. And if for some unexplainable reason shopping isn’t your thing, Groupon also has coupons for Dell and HP and GoDaddy to help you take care of business. Maybe you’re planning a vacay, guess what? Groupon has you covered there too with coupons for Travelocity. This is truly a win-win situation!
With over 50 coupon categories and hundreds of retailers to choose from you’re bound to find a coupon you can use. So stop worrying about the cost of museum admission, what the kids are going to wear to that birthday party this weekend and what to get the kid for a gift. Just head on over to Groupon Coupons and get to shopping! You know you want to. 
Added bonus – Impress the hubbs with all the money you saved!
Follow #GrouponCoupons on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with new deals! My Siamese Twin
May 1, 2016

7 Places To Eat During Blogalicious 2015


Blogalicious Weekend in Baltimore, MD |

Seeing as how I’m a blogger and I live in Baltimore one would assume I’d be attending Blogalicious this weekend (September 10-12) right? Well…not really. I would love to go and I thought long and hard about it but baby girl is due on September 11th and I didn’t want to risk losing my money. 

Since I won’t be in attendance I thought I’d help my fellow bloggers out with some personal recommendations on where to eat in the area. Why where to eat and not what to do? Well, I’m nine months pregnant and food is my life right now! And I also thought you’d be busy with workshops and networking.

Starting Point – Baltimore Marriott Waterfront 700 Aliceanna St Baltimore, Md 21202

Neighborhood known as Harbor East

1. Starbucks – Coffee ain’t never hurt nobody!

  • 635 S President St
  • 2 minute walk 

2. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

  • 720 Aliceanna St
  • 1 minute walk
  • 5 for $6 til 7pm Happy Hour
  • 8 for $9 til 10pm Happy Hour
  • Happy Hour is the most economical time to visit.
  • I haven’t been in a while but it’s one of my fave places in Harbor East. 
  • I spend $18-$25 on average

3. Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion

  • 720B Aliceanna St
  • 1 minute walk
  • Happy Hour 4:30 – 7:00
  • I haven’t been in a while but I enjoyed the Happy Hour. The drinks and appetizers were pretty good.

4. Whole Foods

  • 1001 Fleet St
  • 5 minute walk
  • Good for healthy snacks and the salad bar.
  • I spend $8 on average at the salad bar

5. Teavolve

  • 1401 Aliceanna St
  • 6 minute walk
  • Hands down my fave place in Harbor East!
  • The food and service are always on point!
  • Vegetarian & Vegan options.
  • I suggest the shrimp & grits, or anything from the breakfast menu
  • Check their Facebook page before going, they sometimes close for private events.
  • I spend $15 on average

6. Gordon Biersch Brewery

  • 1000 Lancaster St
  • 4 minute walk
  • Open late with bar
  • Garlic fries are a must!
  • I spend $15 on average

7. Nalley Fresh

  • 400 E Pratt St
  • 12 minute walk (neighborhood changes from Harbor East to Inner Harbor)
  • Vegetarian & Vegan options
  • I love this place so much I get my car out of the garage in the middle of the work day to drive there!
  • Personal description – Chipotle on steroids!
  • I spend $10 on average

There are a ton of other restaurants to eat in the area. I shared places I’ve actually been and enjoyed. Please let me know if you try any of these places and how you like it. Oh yeah…have tons of fun at Blogalicious!





September 9, 2015