Celebrating Your Birthday While Pregnant


Celebrating Your Birthday While Pregnant | LionessDae.com

As you may know my 30th birthday was this week. I had no intentions on “turning up” but I still wanted to do something. Being 35 weeks pregnant and on bed rest really limited my choices. I googled and didn’t come up with much so I thought I’d help out the next Mama.

1st Trimester

  • Have a dinner party at home. You’re probably having smell aversions and restaurants may not agree with your nose and/or stomach.
  • See a movie or concert.
  • If weather and energy levels permit, play miniature golf.
  • If weather permits, have a picnic in the park. The fresh air will probably do your nausea some good.
  • Spend the day in bed eating whatever you can stomach and watching your fave movies. I wished for so many days like this during the first trimester. Since I had to work I spent as many weekends as I could on the couch with ice cream.

2nd Trimester

  • Go out to your fave restaurant. Notice the difference, smell aversions are probably gone by now and your nose/stomach can handle multiple smells. Ask the bartender to make your fave drink in virgin format.
  • Go on a shopping spree. You probably know the baby’s gender so now it’s time to get that tiny wardrobe geared up. If you don’t know the gender yet, go shopping for you! You’re probably getting uncomfortable in those pre-pregnancy jeans.
  • Book a spa day.
  • Paint night.
  • Go to a museum.

3rd Trimester

  • Go to your fave dessert bar. If you’re anything like me in the third trimester all you want is sweets! The Cheesecake Factory is a constant in our house right now.
  • Shop! How can you not shop? This time look for a pretty dress for your baby shower or sexy new pj’s for post delivery.
  • Book a spa day. Your back is probably sore and your feet swollen, this will do you some good.
  • Get a 3D/4D ultrasound at one of the fancy centers.
  • Go on a Babymoon or weekend getaway. This doesn’t have to be expensive, maybe just a night in your fave hotel.

So there you have it. A few suggestions for celebrating your birthday while pregnant. I know it may not be the ideal situation but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at all.


August 14, 2015
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