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Hey Mamas! Let’s talk menstrual cycles for a few. Don’t be shy, we all get one, used to get one or have a daughter that will get one. I’ll go first.

My cycle came late at age 12 or 13. I was the last of all my friends. My cycle was never “normal”. At age 15 or so my Mama took me to the GYN and I was diagnosed with PCOS. I really liked that doc but the older I go I realized she described PCOS all wrong. I was under the impression I would NEVER be able to have kids without surgery or supplements. I was prescribed birth control pills and sent on my way.

I took birth control on and off for 10 years. I had a D&C during that time and countless horrible menstrual cycles. My cycle would not show up for months but when it did it definitely made up for lost time. I would bleed for weeks, sometimes months. It was always heavy and I would always have terrible cramps. I thought that was just the hand I was dealt.

At age 27 I was on another multi-month cycle and B suggested I see a holistic GYN. GAME CHANGER! I found a doc in D.C. (about an hour from home) and made an appointment. she literally changed my life! She explained how my food choices effect all aspects of my health and told me PCOS could be reversed! What? Reversed?

I followed her advice and my cycle began to even out! She also mentioned if I ate more healthy on the days leading up to my cycle it would not hurt as bad or be as heavy. She was right again! I would sometimes fall off my eating plan and my cycle would fall off too. As soon as I got my diet together my cycle would even out again. it was like magic!

Fast forward to today, age 31 and what prompted this post. In addition to diet I’ve learned the supplies we use effect our menstrual cycles too. I’ve been trying to stick to natural and organic cotton tampons and pads but they’re not available everywhere and I’m often in a crunch. Last month I used only organic supplies and my cycle was a smooth five days with minimal cramps. It was almost enjoyable.

This month I’ve been taking a new supplement thats loaded with super foods, herbs, fruits, veggies and green matcha tea. I LOVE the results of the product, especially that I had NO CRAMPS as a 48 hour warning my cycle was coming. I was caught off guard and only had a few organic supplies left. Those ran out before I could get to the store and I had to use some of conventional products. Y’all, my cramps came back instantly!

5 minutes after using and OB tampon my cramps kicked in full swing! I could not believe it! I left work, went to Whole Foods for some organic supplies, changed into an organic tampon and my cramps went away INSTANTLY! WTF?! I could not believe this! I read some articles about the chemicals in conventional tampons and pads and how harmful they are to our health but I had no idea of the instant impact. It’s so worth the few extra dollars for organic supplies.

Check out this video. It’s less than 5 minutes and a real eye opener.

Here are some links to the brands I’ve tried so far.

  • Natracare – This brand is my favorite so far. It’s available on Amazon, Whole Foods, MOMs, and Wegman’s.
  • Seventh Generation – Not my fave but it’s available at Target and Amazon which makes is easily accessible.
  • Azalea – Using this brand for the first time today. I grabbed at Whole Foods on my lunch break. Found on Amazon.


I’m also looking into a menstrual cup. I’ve been on the fence for months but I hear really good things. If you have one let me know how you like it.

Please don’t hesitate to share this post. Our daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, friends, co-workers, aunts and cousins all need to know the impact conventional supplies have on our health.


July 21, 2017
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