Did I Survive Meatless October?


Did I survive Meatless October? Click to see how it went. | www.TheMamaDen.com

Girl…I decided to do Meatless October. Meaning to eat NO MEAT for the entire month of October. Let me tell you why.

Why – I just don’t crave meat the way I used too. And after watching health documentaries the desire for meat gets more and more weak. Also, as I mentioned before I began seeing a Natropath about 4 years ago and she mentioned a part of her program was to eat a meatless diet for 30 days. Her instruction helped my health in so many other areas (Hey Camille!) that I believe going meatless has health benefits.

What was I trying to achieve? – Better overall health. More energy. Weight loss. Clearer thoughts. Better mood.

How it went – I started out really good! I was very conscious of my meals and planned & prepped in advance. We usually eat shrimp tacos on Wednesdays and as bad as I wanted 1 or 3 tacos, I made black bean tacos instead.¬† The second week I didn’t plan or prep in advance and I ate way too many french fries. While french fries are meatless, it wasn’t good for my waistline or energy levels. By week three I kinda gave up. I ate seafood a few days that week. Week four was pretty much the same as week three.

What I learned – For me to change my diet I really have to plan and prep on the weekend. I learned it’s also easier to change your diet when your partner is on the same boat. B wanted to take things one day at a time while I wanted to commit to the entire month. You see how that went. He was supportive but I wasn’t as disciplined as I should have been.

My weakest moments are at work when I don’t bring my lunch or when B bakes a nice piece of fish and the aromas get me.

Favorite meatless meals

  1. Oatmeal with fruit & almond milk. I switch the fruit up, usually frozen fruit and dried cranberries
  2. Black bean bowls with quinoa and fajita veggies
  3.  Lentil soup
  4. Grilled cheese with spinach & tomato
  5. 3 bean chili
  6. Sauteed broccoli, onions & peppers with brown rice or quinoa
  7. Smoothies! I have about 5 absolute faves, let me know if you want a post on smoothies.
  8. Cheesy grits with onions & peppers

Meal planning for  Meatless October | TheMamaDen.com

Will I attempt going meatless again? – Yup! I’m not giving up for good. I’ll try again January 2018. I’ll try to plan 2 weeks at a time and prep weekly to avoid mishaps. I’m also planning to being my friend Sara along. She wants to return to being a vegetarian and we work together so I’ll have an accountability partner.

If you’re interested in going meatless for a month (or more) join my FB group so we can all hold each other accountable. If you are meatless let us know some of your favorite meals in the comments.

Facebook Group –> Click here.



November 8, 2017
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  • Reply Whitney Wallace

    Nice post! I’ll try it along with you in January. Yes please, smoothie recipes–I’m always looking for new ones to try.

    November 11, 2017 at 5:13 PM
    • Reply Dae

      Hey Whitney! I’ll be sure to post smoothie recipes. I’ll thumb through my recipe books for some new ones.

      November 12, 2017 at 12:44 PM

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