My Adventures On Bed Rest | Vol. 4


Oh the joys of pregnancy! Read along for my story.

This week was a bit adventurous…for a lady on bed rest anyway.


My OB called to say I can go back to work! This really threw me for a loop. It was totally unexpected! So we decided to have one more ultrasound and take it from there.

I reached out to the boss to give her the news. In order to get back to work I have to give three blood samples, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, and promise to name my first-born after her. By the time all that happens I may be ready for delivery, so we’ll see.

The good doctor also says if I return to work I’ll still have to get weekly ultrasounds, have to see her every other week and stay confined to my desk. Sounds like loads of fun.


Nothing of importance I can remember.


B called from work to say “hey, I’m thinking we should have the baby shower at ___.” That really caught me off guard because I was so over having a baby shower. Then he called back to say “I found a caterer, good food and a good price.” So, having a baby shower is back on…and the planning begins.


B worked all day and I really missed him. He’s been working a lot lately. When he got home we stayed up all night talking. I tried to make it til sunrise but I fell asleep about 15 minutes before.


We went to check out a venue for the baby shower. It started off ok but by the time we left it was at the bottom of the list.

This place had a funny smell and a ton of add-on fees. It’s two spaces at the venue and the first floor was a bit too large and the second floor was  tad too small. The planner also mentioned that if we rent the second floor and another event is taking place on the first floor my guest would need to use the stairs from outside to get in. Ok, no problem right? These stairs were like 24 inches wide, steep and spiral! WTF?! The look on my face must have said it all. Then she’s like “well as the guest of honor you can come in through downstairs.” Thanks lady, but what about my guests over age 60?

I also got a few packages in the mail. I ordered baby some little moccasins from and my Learn More to Earn More journal by the amazing Myleik Teele arrived.


Not much, did some reading and planning for my project in the making.


Ultrasound day! Once again baby and I look good! She’s growing nicely and brushing up on gymnastics. And another package arrived just for her. I cannot get over how cute and tiny baby items are. I’ll do a baby haul soon.

So that about sums up another week on bed rest. I have to admit it’s getting easier.

If you have any ideas for my shower or bed rest activities please let me know!


May 20, 2015
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