It’s OK to be a Selfish Mom



Being a selfish Mom is way better than you think. I promise you won't feel bad about it. | TheMamaDen.comOk, hear me out. As moms we’re ALWAYS giving. Giving to our husbands, our kids, our homes, our jobs, our friends and so on.¬†At some point you have to be a bit selfish and give back to yourself! In the past 18 months I cannot tell you how many times I haven’t done something for me in order to do something for B, Camille or home. It’s not that they don’t appreciate it, they do but I’m neglecting myself in return and it’s my own fault.

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April 26, 2017

#prAnaMama | prAna Clothing


Responsibly made clothing by prAna. |

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.


A major part of being a Mama is keeping up your kids. At 18 months Camille is on the move! Sometimes I need to take 5 and consider a puff of Albuterol. With all the running around at home and play dates and errands comfort is key. I get so pissed with myself when we’re running around town and I’m wearing the pants that don’t stretch enough or a shirt that won’t stay in place. The lovely folks at prAna sent me some pants and a top to try out. Read more…

April 14, 2017

March Favorites


Hey Mamas! I hope all is well! Let’s get to the good stuff. Check out the things Little Mama and I loved most last month and were moved to our favorites list.

Little Mama Favorites

Happy Baby Rice Cakes – Camille loves the apple flavored ones. I usually get them from the baby food aisle at Target. I like the taste too and I like giving her something different. Read more…

March 31, 2017

Looking for a Healthy Snack? Try Once Again Nut Butters


Healthy Snacking with Once Again Organic Nut Betters on

Hey Mamas! Let’s talk about snack habits…mine are horrible! I have a sweet tooth like none other. I got it honest though, my Grannie ate a bowl of ice cream every night before bed and had no problem sharing. Has this helped me in my adult life? No, but I don’t blame her for sharing.

After I started seeing a NaturoPath a few years ago she really helped me with my eating habits. One of my favorite snacks became peanut butter and pretzels. Read more…

March 18, 2017

Book Alert | Tightropes & Teeter-Totters


Great read for all women by Lisa Pennington! Learn what balance is (and isn't) and how to find and maintain in real life situations. Read my review at

Hey Mamas! I’m back with another book review. To my surprise much sooner than I imagined. Apparently, the literary Gods have smiled upon me and granted my wish for reading time. This week I’m gonna give you the scoop on Tightropes & Teeter-Totters by Lisa Pennington.

First a little more about the author. Lisa Pennington is a blogger at Read more…

March 15, 2017