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Chances are if you're a picky eater you kid is too. Click thru for some options to broaden their palate. | TheMamaDen.com

You ever wonder why your kids only want to eat the same five meals? Well yes, because your kid is a picky eater but are you a picky eating paretn? Hmmm…Let’s discuss for a moment.

I know plenty of parents have an expansive palate and their kids just don’t because toddlers are so toddlerish. But let’s look at a different angle. My mom only eats about four vegetables so growing up my brother and I ate four vegetables and they were always prepared the exact same way. When I was 14 I worked in a soul food restaurant and began eating all kinds of stuff. My mom would be so grossed out. I would come home with meatloaf, stewed tomatoes, bread pudding, rice pudding, squash, spinach and plenty more. She would never touch my food.

A few years later I was eating a Marie Callender’s chicken pot pie and realized I loved carrots! I told my mom this revelation and she said “I know, carrots were your favorite food when you were a baby.” Wait what?! You knew I loved carrots and you never fed them to me?! She said “No, I hate carrots, I’m not eating them and wouldn’t know how to cook them.” Mind blown! That’s when I realized we only ate the same 5 meals because that’s all she liked! You see where I’m going with this?

When I moved out and bought all my own food my palate expanded so much! After having Camille I was so proud that she would eat her veggies. At one point we hit a roadblock and all she wanted was snack pouches so I made this pasta recipe and she fell back in line.

Bottom line: Just because you don’t like to eat different stuff doesn’t mean your kids don’t either. Check the menu at day care and school to see what they’re eating for lunch. Begin incorporating those things at home. You kid may enjoy lots of different foods but you don’t know because you have a permanent grocery list. I read Camille’s daily report and some days I’m so shocked at what she ate! Now I know I can bring those foods home for her to enjoy.


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August 18, 2017
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