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Do you need mental clarity and immune support? Try Restore Mineral Supplement to assist! |

Hey Mamas! Let’s talk health for a few. Not the kids health, yours! I know, I know, how dare I bring something to the table for you and not the kids?! As Mamas we run it all and if we’re not 100% (or close to it) we can’t run anything.


Restore Mineral Supplement is a liquid formula you take three times daily to help:

  • balance gut health
  • support respiratory wellness
  • combat environmental exposures
  • promote immune function
  • enhance mental clarity

All those benefits are great!

Benefits of Restore Mineral Supplement |

Instructions & Taste:

Take one teaspoon three times daily. The liquid is thin and amber in color. It’s very palatable to be a mineral supplement. The taste is very mild. You know how you want to drink juice or something with flavor to mask a medicinal taste? No need for that here, I washed it down with water and the taste went away, it’s that mild.

Restore Mineral Supplement for mental clarity, gut health, respiratory wellness, immune function and more! |


Ok, I have to admit I’m wasn’t very consistent with taking Restore. My mind has been all over the place lately and I often forgot. I’m more of a once daily kinda girl. According to Amazon reviews, it’s a great product! It has 4.5 stars and 71% or the reviews are 5 stars.

I don’t know about you but I swear by Amazon reviews and that would be enough to make me purchase.

More info:





If you’ve tried Restore Mineral Supplement be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you haven’t tried Restore Mineral Supplement yet and would like to, head over to and use code “B7X66JY” to get 20% off everything in the store until July 16th, 2017.



July 2, 2017
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