She’s Turning 2 Already?!


Camille turns 2 |

Yup, Camille will be 2 on the 20th. Where has the time gone? I know every parent must feel the same way. Camille is doing very good! She transitioned to daycare really well. Her new sleeping arrangement went well and she’s learning at such a fast pace.

Day Care – This was the biggest transition for Camille this year. She had been staying with her grandparents during the day since she was 7 weeks old. She was eager to be with other kids and burn off some energy. ┬áThe center we chose is amazing. I love the staff, curriculum, safety, everything about it. I have no regrets and nothing bad to say.

Camille is learning so much so fast! She recited the entire alphabet to me a few days ago, she can count to 12 on her own, she’s learning nursery rhymes, great communication skills, her palate has expanded and her speech is improving by the day. The center offers Phonics Adventures and this has boosted her speech at a record┬ápace. Camille loves going to daycare every morning, she loves her teachers and friends and we couldn’t be happier about the switch.

Sleeping Arrangement – Y’all, {insert long deep sigh of relief} she’s finally sleeping in her own room all alone!!!!! Some days I thought this day would never come. I was prepared for the worst but this transition was so smooth. I got up one Saturday morning and was like “naw, this ish is going down TODAY!”. I fed her, turned on Elmo and got to work.

The first night I let her fall asleep with me then put her in her room. She slept all night and was cool in the morning. The next night I put her down in her room and all was well. Daddy needed to be consoled but me…I was happy as a {insert expletive here}! We had a few hiccups between Violet needing new batteries and teething but we’re back on track and all is good.

Speech & Using words vs Whining – We’re getting there. I really like that her teachers use the same method I do at home. Over the past week or so she’ll say “snack” or “juice” or “pouch” instead of just walking up to the fridge and damn near pulling the handle off. My favorite is that she can “read” her favorite books to me! “Please, Baby, Please” has been her fave for a few months and we take turns reading it to each other….all day long.

Camille is definitely at the repeating stage which means Daddy and I are working on the words we use. She not only repeats the bad word, she repeats the feeling/passion with it too. I’m like whoa kid, who just stepped on a toy, me or you?

Potty Training – We haven’t officially started to potty train yet but Camille does sit on the potty at night before a bath. She’ll sit there anytime she goes to the bathroom with me even if she’s fully dressed. I was nervous about potty training but people have talked me off the ledge. Her teachers are all for it. They started sitting her on the pot earlier this week.

Birthday Plans – Camille is having a party at daycare with her friends on her birthday. We’re gonna bring cupcakes and party hats after nap time. She has an “It’s My Birthday” shirt and I know she’ll have a good time. I’m thinking the Sunday before we’ll take her to Sky Zone and the Sunday after we’ll take her to Port Discovery.

Activities – She really enjoys reading. Current ave books are “Please Baby Please” and “Llama Llama Red Pajama”. Camille began playing with doll baby a few weeks ago and dollhouses. She’s still President of the Elmo fan club! Her teachers said she really enjoys Splash Day, The Traveling Music Zoo, nature walks, playing in the kitchen and art time.

Independence – Oh my gosh! This kid wants no help from anyone! She comes home, takes her jacket off and hangs it on the closet doorknob. She sits at her table alone to eat meals and the mess is getting less and less. She can climb on dining room chairs and open the fridge and snack box. I’m not sure I was ready for all these changes. Camille can also get her sandals, pants and tank tops on and off.

That’s all I can think of right now. Whatever I’m forgetting is sure to be in my IG stories. Let me know how your kids are doing. What activities are coming up?

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September 15, 2017
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