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PCOS and Why I’m OVER It!

by | How I overcame PCOS and reversed my symptoms

This is for every woman ever “diagnosed” with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

What prompted this post –Last night I was doing my hair and watching YouTube videos. I came across an About Me video by Natural Metra. She got to a question about having children and said she would elaborate on it. I immediately knew she had been diagnosed with PCOS and while listening to her story tears began running down my face. I hate that women have to feel this way. I once felt this way, it’s not exactly exhilarating.

Long story short I changed my lifestyle which in turn reversed my symptoms and now I’m happily 7 months pregnant!

A quick overview

I was diagnosed in 2000 when I was 15 years old. I was told the only cure was birth control and fertility drugs. Even with fertility drugs it would be hard to conceive and to pretty much suck it up and deal with it.

I was on and off birth control for 10 years. I had a D&C to “fix” the problem in 2008. I didn’t do a damn thing!

I decided to stop taking birth control after realizing I was ingesting artificial hormones and this could not be healthy. My cycle went back to doing its own thing and I felt lost and hopeless.

I was working nights and B was working days. He was doing most of the grocery shopping and kept buying a lot of vegetables. Seeing as how I didn’t have the time or energy to shop or cook I began eating them more and more. Surprisingly my cycle began to regulate! I was shocked! I had “normal” cycles for about three months straight.

Now I was back to working days and grocery shopping was my thing again. On top of that the job situation was a stressful. Things began to go downhill again. My cycles would come every 4-5 months, be 10 lbs heavy and last for weeks.

In 2013 I was desperate. After seeing multiple GYNs over the years and consistently being told I need to birth control and Clomid, B suggested I look for a holistic doctor. That was the best decision I’ve ever made for my health! I immediately began searching and came across a Natropath in D.C. Her photo looked nice and her office was in the Georgetown neighborhood which definitely won me over.

I called to get some information and scheduled an appointment. I was so excited and nervous. The day of my appointment I was on pins and needles. Not knowing what to expect and wondering if this would be a waste of time and money.

I arrived and felt an instant calm when I walked in the office. I met the doc and she was amazing! She was very warm and personable. She spoke to me like a friend giving advice with the facts to back it up.

My list of concerns included:

  • PCOS
  • Asthma
  • Acne
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Eczema
  • Family History of a ton of stuff I don’t want

She began telling me what I should do and writing it all down. I pulled out my phone to take notes and she told me don’t bother, she was writing it all down for me! I really loved that, providers rarely do that!

She told me foods I should cut and add to my diet and why. I was told to increase my physical activity and begin detoxing my liver with castor oil packs. I was hesitant with the meal plan but I’d just spent close to $200 (including the items I purchased from the office) so I was gonna give it a shot.

Literally within two weeks I saw improvements in my health!  My skin was clearing up, my asthma wasn’t bothering me,  I wasn’t itchy and I’d lost about an inch off my waist! I swore to everyone I knew she’s a miracle worker!

I saw the doc a few more times but the cost was wearing me down. Honestly, I wish I wouldn’t have let that stop me. I plan to continue seeing her after I give birth.

I noticed when I stuck to her plan I felt awesome but if I began to stray my symptoms would return. Over the past two years I’ve been about 75% consistent with the plan and guess what?! I feel awesome and even better I conceived naturally!

All those years I let the modern medicine doctors place a stamp of DOOM on me. People that were in (and are now out) of my life also stamped me as doomed. My life has literally changed all because I changed it (with the help of the good doc too)! The feeling is awesome! I feel like I won!

My wish/hope/dream is for every woman who wants to conceive naturally to reconsider the stamp of doom modern medicine had given you. Please, I’m begging you! Let go of the feelings of depression and hopelessness. I was there, I know how you feel. Now I want you to feel like I do!

If you want more info on the doc I saw, feel free to comment below. Also, let me know if you’ve been stamped as doomed and overcome it.

June 19, 2015