Top 10 Lessons Learned My First Year of Motherhood


Are you a new mom or expecting? Click thru to see the top 10 lessons I learned my first year as a Mom.

Let’s just jump right in folks! No specific order.

  1. Patience – This one is pretty self explanatory
  2. Speed – Once they become mobile you gotta move QUICK!
  3. The true art if multitasking – I swear I can do just about anything with baby on my left hip and my right hand free.
  4. Letting go – a) she’s growing up, and I have to let her b)letting go of being a control freak and accepting others help
  5. Every mother’s journey is different, don’t compare yourselves.
  6. Motherhood is HARD work! 
  7. Self confidence – Yes, I’m doing this right. How do I know? I’m following my intuition.
  8. Sleep matters! Sure 10 years ago I could sleep for 3 hours and run for 20 hours. These days, not so much. I NEED my rest!
  9. Understanding that my plan may not always work and adjustment does not equal failure.
  10. A different kind of joy. 

What has motherhood taught you so far? Whether your first month, year or decade; let me know.

September 22, 2016
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